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Ploomcake is...

Ploomcake is a distribution of the Open Source Plone CMS plus a selection of specialized add-ons for websites, intranets, and collaboration portals.

Ploomcake is a distribution of Plone, one of the most well-established available Open Source CMSs. Integrated in Ploomcake is a selection of preset plugins, which makes it a great tool for webmasters and Web professionals who deal with different scenarios every day: spotlight and news websites, collaboration portal, intranets, and so on.

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Jan 18, 2013 Ploomcake v1.3.1, what's new?

A few fixes, updates of some of its plugins, Plone security patch fully implemented, but most of all now you can automatically migrate it via script.

Nov 06, 2012 Plone - Security vulnerability announcement: 20121106

A Security vulnerability announcement from the Plone development team affecting all the current Plone versions (<4.2.1)